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Having the right tools for the job just makes your life (project) so much easier.

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Getting the right tools for the job makes the success of your project so much easier.
Choose from Hot Fix tool,Beading needles, Jewellery pliers, Crochet hooks, Tambour hooks and even specialist Knitting needles size 0000 !

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Awl, Bead Board, Bead Loom, Bead Spinner, Brass Gauge, Crochet Hook 1.75MM, Crochet Hook 1.6MM, Crochet Hook1.5MM, Crochet Hook 1.4MM, Crochet Hook 1.25MM, Crochet Hook 1.15MM, Crochet Hook 1.0MM, Crochet Hook .9MM, Coiling Gizmo, Economy Beading Needles #10,#12, Economy Beading Needles #10, Gem Tac 2 oz, Glue, E6000 small 0.18 oz tube, Glue, E6000 PLUS Large 56.1 mL tube, Glue, E6000 PLUS Medium 26.6. mL tube, Glue, Fabric Cement, Glue, Jewellers Cement, Jewel Setter, Kandi\'s Professional Rhinestone Applicator, Knitting Needles #0000, Knotting Tool, Magic Pick, Needles, Bead Spinner, lNeedles, Beading #10, Needles, Beading #12, Needles, Beading #13, Needles, Beading Assorted #10,#12,#13, Needles, Beading 25 x #10, Needles, Beading 25 x #13, Needles, Beading/ Embroidery, Needles, Beading Embroidery Assorted, Needles – Collapsible Eye, Needles, Cross Stitch & Embroidery, Needles, Large Eye Assorted, Needles, Large Eye 5.5 cm, Needles, Straws/Milliners #11, Needles, Tapestry PT #10, Needles, Twisted Wire, Pliers, Bent Nose, Pliers,Chain Nose, Pliers,Cutters, Pliers,Round Nose, Ring Mandrel, Ring Sizer, Scissors, Tambour Hook, Tassel Maker, Tweezers

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